Places to visit in Kannur City

Places to visit in Kannur City of Coastal Kerala !

Kannur city of Kerala is also known as Cannanore. This city is situated in the state of Kerala 518km north from the state’s capital Thiruvananthapuram. During the time of British rule in India Kannur was known as Cannanore city. Now this name is only used by Indian Railways. Kannur city is the largest city of the North Malabar region.

Kannur City Beach

Kannur City Beach

Description of Kannur City -

Kannur city is one of the Million-Plus urban agglomerations in India. This is also a very populous city in India with a population of 1,642,892 people according to 2011 census.  Because of many loom industries present here Kannur city is known as land of Looms and Lore. Kannur is a very famous tourist destination in Kerala because of its Pristine Beaches.

Lots of importance is given to Indian Navy at Kannur city. Ezhimala Naval Academy which is situated 35km North from Kannur is Asia’s largest and world’s third largest naval academy. Caltex is a new central junction of Kannur city which is currently the heart of rapidly developing city of Kannur.

Like many other cities of Kerala Kannur is also known as beach city because of its mesmerizing beaches which attracts lots of tourists to this place. Beaches like Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach, Thottada Beach, Payyambalam Beach, Dharmadam Beach, Meenkunnu Beach, Ezhara Beach, Ezhimala Beach and Mappila Beach are very famous among tourists. People love to visit these beaches and spend some quality time here but leaving these beaches there are many more interesting places to explore in Kannur.

St. Angelo Fort which was built by the first Portugese viceroy of India in 1505 AD is also an amazing place to visit in Kannur city. St. Angelo Fort was captured by British and was under the British rule till 1947.

Arakkal Museum which located in Ayikkara is also one of the great places to visit in Kannur. This museum is dedicated to the Arakkal family, who was the only Muslim royal family in Kerala. This museum was opened in July 2005 after a massive renovation. Now it is managed by the Arakkal Family Trust.

The Kannur lighthouse near the Sea View Park is another place of interest in Kannur city. This is the first lighthouse at Kannur which was built in 1843 by the British at St. Angelo Fort. Over the years, the lighthouse was renovated and in 1948, it was moved to its current location. The lighthouse is still in use.

The Kannur Cantonment is one of the 62 cantonments in India and the only one in Kerala. It was established by the British in the 19th century and is still an important location for Indian armed forces. It is also among the place of interest in Kannur city.

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All the places in Kannur are easily connected with all the major cities and also with the capital city of Kerela via trains and road transports.

connectivity Kannur

Via Bus:- You can easily get buses from other cities of the country to reach kannur.

Via train:- Railway Station(s): Kannur Main (CAN).Kannur is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular trains.

Via Flight:- Nearest airport is Calicut International Airport.Kannur 84 km away.Calicut International Airport.

Accomodation:- Click here to see best rated hotels in Kannur.

Climate Graph of Kannur:-

climate Kannur


Best Time to visit:- The best time to visit kannur is on February and on December because kannur is loacted at kerala and kerala experiences a heavy rainfall throughout the seasons.

Famous Street food of Kannur

  • Spice Kitchen:- Zest Kitchen offers a wholesome and full enhanced South Indian feast. The vibe is agreeable and welcoming.It’s situated Opposite Nadal Railway Gate,Bye pass gate nadal,Kannur India.
  • Wheat house:- Head here for delicious Kerala food, prepared with a right blend of ingredients and loads of love.(Muzhathadam,Kannur,Kerala.)
  • India coffee House:- The uncommon Kerala espresso at India Coffee House is most likely an absolute necessity attempt. South Indian snacks are additionally served at the bistro for a speedy nibble.


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