The best places to visit in Srinagar

Places to visit in Srinagar

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The best places to visit in Srinagar

Often recognized as Paradise on Earth”, the city of Srinagar is situated on the beautiful valley of Kashmir on the bank of Jhelum river. The name of Srinagar literally stands for Sri (Prosperity) Nagar (City). The city is blessed with a rich history and has attracted lots of kings and emperors with its scenic beauty. From the powerful Mughals, Sikhs to the British this place stole the heart of each and every one of them, Even to this date Srinagar is quiet a tourists magnet as it attracts lots of tourist from all places of the world.

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People from all over the world come to cherish its natural beauty like the mesmerizing lakes, snowcapped hills, foggy environment etc. The romantic environment and natural scenic beauty combined makes this place an ideal place for Honeymoon & romantic tours. A trip on a houseboat alongside the beautiful Dal Lake is quiet relaxing and soul refreshing experience that will make anyone fall in love with this place. You can also enjoy adventurous sports like Hiking & Camping tour,  skiing, Kayaking & canoeing, Ice skating etc.

The best places to visit in Srinagar

Srinagar is also acknowledged for its handicrafts, these handicrafts are quiet famous specially the Shawls, Carpets, Papier, Mache, Wood Carving, Walnut wooden crafts, Namdas, Basketry, Crewel, Chain Stitch, Gabba, Copperware, Khatumbandh etc.  So don’t waste your time thinking start packing your stuff and come to Srinagar, as it has something for everyone to cherish. Trust me you won’t regret a thing. . .

The best places to visit in Srinagar:

The best places to visit in Srinagar Shankaracharya hill: Shankaracharya hill is a beautiful location which consists of a beautiful temple dedicated to lord Shiva. The hill gives a spectacular view of city and though the temple is placed at some height you need to climb 275 steps to reach, but it’s really worth it.

The best places to visit in Srinagar Betab Valley: Betab valley is truly a heaven. It is really an eye popping beauty especially because it’s covered with high mountains and greenery. The environment here is so clean and so mesmerizing that it attracts a huge number of tourists from all over the earth. If you plan on visiting Srinagar I would highly recommend you this place.

places to visit in Srinagar

The best places to visit in Srinagar Dal Lake: Dal Lake is the jewel of Srinagar. Its silent water & scenic view with serene mountains on the side can hypnotize anyone with it beauty. Here you can see people shopping on a lovely colorful shikara’s. And to add icing to the cake this place is offers water-sports activities.

 places to visit in Srinagar

The best places to visit in Srinagar Nagin Lake: Nagin Lake is a beautiful lake which offers a really calm & serene environment to the tourist. Eventhough this place is not as popular as Dal Lake among tourist! Still you can see plenty of activity here. The best way to experience this Lake is through a Houseboat. If you crave for quiet and relaxing environment then this is your place.

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The best places to visit in Srinagar Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden: This beautiful tulip garden consists of wide variety of tulips with superb colors. And since tulips grow only in spring, garden is only open between the months of March to May. This place is best for photography.

Honorable mentions The best places to visit in Srinagar Mughal Garden, Sinthan Top, Yousmarg, Nishat Garden, Kheer Bahani Temple, Jama Masjid Mosque, Badamwari Garden, Pari Mahal, Shah-E- Hamdan, Manasbal Lake.


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