Places to visit in Rajauri

Places to visit in Rajauri.

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Places to visit in Rajauri

Rajouri district is one of the most popular and most visited place of Jammu & Kashmir. Rajouri was created in as an independent district in 1st January 1968; previously it was a part of Poonch.  It is spread at an area of 2630sq km and falls at around 154kms from the district of Jammu. The only way to reach Rajouri is through road. Rajouri holds a great importance in the ancient history of India. It is the home state of Panchal Naresh who is the father of Dropdi who was married to the great Pandavas. This place is also well renowned place for various sacred temples & Mosque.

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There are lots of things here for tourist such as historical monuments, Heritage sites, high hills, beautiful valleys and many mesmerizing lakes. It’s an ideal location if you seek peace and relaxation. Anyhow here are some of the most visited places in Rajouri.

Places to visit in Rajauri:

Places to visit in Rajauri Thanamandi: This place serves as a major historical location from the time of Mughals who use to stay here during their journey from Delhi to Kashmir. The weather of this place is pleasant and charming. This place is also famous for its handicrafts especially for its artistic wooden products. The sacred shrine of Shahdara Shariaf is placed at around 6km from this place.

Places to visit in Rajauri Dhandidhar Fort: Dhandidhar Fort is a beautiful town situated at around 2km from Rajouri. This is an historical monument is located on the hill in Rajouri town. It is believed to be constructed by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir who built this 400 years backs. This exclusive fort presents panoramic and striking view of the entire area, which makes it a must visit place in Rajouri.

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Places to visit in Rajauri Usman Memorial: This is a memorial constructed in the memory of Brigadier.Usman, he was the one who was responsible for freeing the captured region around Jhangar. This great Memorial is maintained by the infantry unit of Jhangar. The soldiers and civialians who died while fighting the enemy in this area is remembered every year on 3rd july as “Jhangar Day”.

Places to visit in Rajauri Shahdara Sharief: Shahdara Sharief is shrine which is around 30 kms from Rajouri. This sacred shine is placed in the lap of mountain and is a popular tourist spot in Rajouri district. This place also hosts thousands of pilgrims daily.

Places to visit in Rajauri Hall of Fame: On the top of the mountain, lies the great memorial Hall of Fame which was constructed in respect and memory of Heroic deeds of those who sacrificed their lives to protect their motherland in the region of Rajouri and Poonch.

Places to visit in Rajauri

Places to visit in RajauriPlaces to visit in RajauriHonourable mentions: War Memorial, Nao Gazi Ziarat, Balidan Bhawan, Nadpur Sarai,Lal Bauli, Gurudwara Chatti Patshahi Bangla Sahib, Muradpur Sarai and Mosque, Mangla Goddess,Chingus,Samot Sar,Chandan Sar,Divya Sar,Sukh Sar,Gum Sar.

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