Places to visit in Leh

Places to visit in Leh.

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Places to visit in Leh

Leh is located in the beautiful region of Ladakh, in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. It is placed at an altitude of 3542mts above sea level in the lap of Himalayas. It is the 2nd largest district of India which covers an area of 45.110 km. From the ancient time, Leh plays a key role as a prime stoppage for traders who arrived from Indus valley and Tibet. Ever since the rise of Buddhism in 7th century this place holds a significant importance in the eyes of Buddhist people, it the the very reason why Buddhism dominates this place. You can see lots of beautiful monasteries and historical sites here, which attracts lots of tourists from all around the globe.

Leh is also blessed with scenic lush green landscape, beautiful snowcapped mountains, mesmerizing lakes etc, so if you seek nature or you wish to relax from the stressful lifestyle then this is perfect gateway for you. Leh also serves as a leading center of adventure tourism, as people from all parts of the world visit this place for the adventure activities it offers such as Bike tours, trekking, camping, river rafting, picnics, jeep safari etc.

According to me personally I like bike tours; I mean imagine yourself on a bike on rough terrains with beautiful snow clad mountains on the background and a clear blue sky over your head forming an amazing portrait, isn’t it awesome? In short if you crave adventure then this is the place where you will find it. Although you should keep in mind since this place is situated at such high altitude, so you might find it a bit uneasy or sick for 1st few days.

Places to visit in Leh :

Places to visit in Leh

Places to visit in Leh Pangong Lake: Pangong Lake is without a doubt among the most popular places to visit in leh, it is around 100 miles (160kms) from ladakh. It is a stunning lake with crystal clear blue water and a pleasant and enjoying weather throughout the year. This place is the breeding spot of lots of migratory bird and If you are lucky you could even see Black necked Siberian bird which is a rare migratory bird.

Places to visit in Leh

Places to visit in Leh Thiksey Monastery: Thiksey is a beautiful Monastery located near the city of Leh.  The monastery is placed on the hilltop like most of the Buddhist monastery and provides a mesmerizing view of the landscape surrounding it.  The monks here are very kind and helpful to the visitors.

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Places to visit in Leh Gurdwara Pathar Sahib: This sacred Gurdwara fallso between Leh and Nimu at a distance around 25km. This place is really peaceful and relaxing, and is a must visit place for all tourists. The Gurdwara consists of a huge rock which gives out an impression of the sacred Sikh Gurunanak Dev, which is why it’s been worshiped by people who visit this place. The Gurdwara is fully maintained by Indian army, which is why it’s nothing short of impressive.

Places to visit in Leh

Places to visit in Leh Magnetic hill: This is one of the most famous places of Leh. This place has so powerful magnetic field that it moves cars and bikes by itself, even aircrafts have to fly higher altitude just to avoid its magnetic field. Due to such strange phenomenon this place lures millions of tourists every year.

Places to visit in Leh

Places to visit in Leh  Alchi Choskor Monastery: This Monastery is among one of the most popular destination of Leh. This Monastery was created in 10th century with stunning wall paintings that has been carefully preserved very nicely. I would recommend you to visit this place during morning for some peace and harmonious time. During afternoon this place tends to get crowded with tourist which may spoil the calm and soothing atmosphere of the monastery.

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Honorable Mentions:

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