Milan fashion district, a must for shopping lovers

Milan fashion district, a must for shopping lovers

Nidhish Uday

Discover the new area of Milan, where fashion meets Futurism and food can be bought in an old theater.

I planned this itinerary with the help of Hotel Windsor Milan, located close to Porta Nuova, the district where you can admire the highest skyscrapers of the city.

Gourmet Food in Milan? Eat is Eataly

Milan fashion district, a must for shopping lovers


The first building you can see as soon as you approach Corso Como in Milan, is the ex theater Smeraldo, which is now an Eataly shop. You can now learn, eat and shop in the same place.

If you want to try out the real food of Italy, I highly recommend shopping at Eataly. The price is not the best, some products can be pretty expensive, but you can also find some great deals.

If you don’t want to grocery shop there, you can also have a sit and enjoy food at one of the many restaurants Eataly has inside its shop. These restaurants are all divided in different categories, so you can actually choose what you would like to eat.

Their Neapolitan Pizza is personally one of my favorite, but I also recommend their “Pasta restaurant” or the “Cheese and Salami” one. If you’re in a rush and you don’t have time to sit down, the “Piadina” corner is the place to try.

The massive stage inside the building is also still there and often used for free season of music and hosting recitals.

Corso Como, Where Fashion Meets Art

Milan fashion district, a must for shopping lovers

Corso Como

 If you keep going down Corso Como, on your right you will notice a nice door which leads you into a “secret garden”: 10 Corso Como. The fashionable café is also a shop, a hotel and an Art Gallery.

The permanent collection includes pieces from Edward Curtis and Karl Blossfeldt. The current exhibition ( 10th June – 1st November 2015) is a photography exhibition about the Futurist’s photography.

The shop always has the latest and most searched collections, from Moschino to Comme Des Garcons. You can also have the opportunity to buy some pieces of unique design, like Gufram’s or Riccardo Schweizer’s.

The roof garden, which can be book for any events, hosts works of contemporary sculptures by Kris Ruhs: the view is beautiful and place is really suggestive.

10 Corso Como is also an intimate hotel, whit only 3 rooms. All these three suites are “furnished in homage to the vision of many mid-20th and 21st century designers and architects from around the world”.

Milan fashion district, a must for shopping lovers

Corso Como

A Vertical Forest in Milan

Milan fashion district, a must for shopping lovers


The “Bosco Verticale”, designed by Stefan Boeri Architects, is now the greenest building in Milan and the world’s first vertical forest.

These two buildings which look identical feature more than 900 trees in total, willing in each apartment balcony. All these trees are the equivalent of how many trees you can find in a seven thousand square meters woods. The plant irrigation is provided via a grey water filtration system, which basically is used water that goes down the sink or the shower.

This is a real great forward thinking design, which is not only helping the environment but is also bringing back into the city the harmony of nature. The building also won the International Highrise Award in Frankfurt, as most innovating skyscraper of the year.

Milan fashion district, a must for shopping lovers

vertical forest

The House of Memory

Milan fashion district, a must for shopping lovers

Memory’s house

Finished in Spring this year, the “Memory’s house”, is a public space for cultural activities, where people can learn and also share memories about the city’s role after World War II and its fight for the independency and freedom.

The building is pretty simple: made with polychrome bricks, it has multiple historic pictures on the sides which represent Milan’s recent history.

How to Listen to the City’s Sound in Gae Aulenti Square?

Milan fashion district, a must for shopping lovers


One of my personal favorite things in the new Gae Aulenti’s square is the Brasses created by Alberto Garutti.

These twenty-three tubes made with gold brass connect all the four floors through a giant hole, and if put your ear in one of these tube you can listen to the city’s sounds, or to whatever someone is saying at the other end.

The square where this installation is, was named after Gaetana Aulenti, the woman behind the new Musèe D’Orsay, who said multiple times that architecture is a man’s job, but she has always pretend to not know it. She was right.

Milan fashion district, a must for shopping lovers

Gae Aulenti Square

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