Places to visit in Hanumangarh

Places to Visit in Hanumangarh,Rajasthan

Hanumangarh City is a wonderful city in the Indian state of Rajasthan which is situated on the banks of the river Ghaggar also identified as Ancient Sarasvati River and there are many interesting places to visit in Hanumangarh. This city is located about 400 km away from Delhi. It is the administrative seat of Hanumangarh District. The city was once called Bhatner because it was a stronghold of Bhatikings.There are numerous tourist places to visit in Hunumangarh ,Rajasthan.

Hanumangarh was the kingdom of Bhati Kings and hence its earlier name was Bhatner. Since it was won on Tuesday by Maharaja Soorat Singh of Bikaner, which is the auspicious day of the Hindu God Hanuman, it was rechristened as ‘Hanumangarh’ – the Fort of Hanuman the Hindu-god is among one of the greatest places to visit in Hanumangarh.

There are several heritage sites in and around Hanumangarh. The archeological locations round the district have several historical earthenware utensils and ancient coins displayed. There are several such locations which might be seen within the neighboring areas and are very suitable places to visit in Hanumangarh for those tourists who have keen interest in history.

Places to visit in Hanumangarh, Rajasthan

Places to visit in Hanumangarh, Rajasthan

Places to visit in Hanumangarh –

The Bhatner Fort – Which is also known as the Hanumangarh Fort is located on the banks of the River Gaggar in the center of the city is among the famous places to visit in Hanumangarh. It is five kilometres from the Railway Station and 230 km north-east of Bikaner, in the extreme northern part of Rajasthan. The strength of this fort has been mentioned in the autobiography written by Timur called “Tuzuk- e- Timuri.” Even Mughal Emperor Akbar described this fortification in his book “Ain- I- Akbari”.

Gogaji Temple – at a distance of about a hundred and twenty kilometre from the town of Hanumangarh and 2 kilometres from the train depot of Gogamedi, the temple of Shri Gogaji is found. This temple is presided over by Gugga Jahar Peer who is more popularly referred to as Shri Gogajian and is among one of the great places to visit in Hanumangarh. The structure of this temple stands upon an elevated mound and is created of stone, lime, black and white marble and mortar. The design of this temple reflects an ideal mix of Muslim and Hindu styles.

Bhadrakaliji Temple – Located at a distance of seven kilometres from the city of Hanumangarh, the temple of Mata Bhadrakaliji stands on the banks of River Ghaggar that is close to Amarpura Thedi Village and is among the religious places to visit in Hanumangarh. The presiding deity of this temple is Mata Bhadrakali, which is one of the many avatars of Goddess Durga.

Gurdwara of Shri Sukha Singh Mehtab Singh – The traditionally vital Gurdwara of Shaheedan da is located within the town of Hanumangarh and one of the amazing places to visit in Hanumangarh. In the eighteenth century AD, when this gurdwara was created, it was named after two martyrs.

Connectivity – Â All the places to visit in Hanumangarh are well connected to all the major cities and the capital of Rajasthan via trains, flights and road transports.

Places to visit in Hanumangarh

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Climate- All the places to visit in Hanumangarh lies in the temperate climate of the nature, all the places are dry & they receive minimum amount of rainfall, so winter season could be the best time to visit these places in Hanumangarh.

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Best Time To Visit – In month of  Feb, March, & in winter season September To December, this months are the best time to visit in Hanumangarh

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